What Can I Substitute For Laundry Detergent? Detailed Guide

There are many detergents brands available in the market. Most of you use your favorite brand. You love that detergent brand due to its fragrance or cleaning properties. Thus, most of you are not satisfied with these detergents. Most of you don’t like their fragrance. Others are not satisfied with the cleansing results. Some of you have an issue with the chemicals used in manufacturing.

Moreover, this discussion will be beneficial for you if you are searching best environmentally friendly detergent substitutes. But also you don’t want to compromise on its cleaning result. So, later the topic has the list of the best laundry detergent alternatives.

List of Laundry Detergent Alternatives:

The list of best laundry detergent alternatives is given below:

Laundry Detergent Alternatives

Baking Soda:

When you don’t have detergent for laundry, you can use baking soda as its alternative. Baking soda is the best multifunctional cleanser used for decades. Further, it is considered the best detergent alternative because it immediately removes oil and acid spots from the clothes. Moreover, it can easily eliminate bad smells from socks, towels, and gym and tracksuits.

Baking Soda

It is preferable because its use is 100% secure for washing. Baking soda does not produce excessive foam when used with cold or hot water. It dissolves in hot and cold water instantly. So, it doesn’t gather inside the washing machine pipes.

How can you use it?

For this purpose, you have to require one cup of baking soda:

  • Half-cup in a washing machine.
  • Half-cup during water rinsing.

For ideal cleaning of bad odor clothes use:

  • One cup in the washing machine.
  • One cup during water rinsing.

Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice can be a practicable detergent substitute because its acidic character is very beneficial to remove stains and brighten clothes. Its influence can be enhanced by adding table salt to lemon juice.

Lemon Juice

Although it is the best cleanser, it is not practicable. Because it is very difficult to collect a large amount of lemon juice with whom wash the whole family clothes, its acidic character can harm the clothes to some extent. Lemon juice also fades the color of brightening clothes.

How can you use it?

  • Squeeze lemon juice in a cup and then add it equally in three cups. Then dilute it with water.
  • Use this diluted lemon juice in the machine and water rinsing.

White Vinegar:

White Vinegar

White vinegar is also using for washing purposes for decades. This is a common substitute used by our mothers to remove dirt and stains from clothes. White vinegar is a mild acidic agent that removes each stain from the black clothes easily.

Moreover, when we use white vinegar for washing clothes, it also destroys mildew on clothes effectively. Further, it is used to remove the fishy smell from clothes. You can add one cup of vinegar to the machine to remove the smoky smell.

How can you use it?

  • Use half-cup of the vinegar in the washing machine for cleaning purposes.
  • Moreover, use a half-cup when rinsing with water.
  • You can use one cup in both turns if required.

Oxygen-Based Bleach:

Oxygen-Based Bleach

For some years, oxygen-based bleach gained popularity as the best detergent substitute. Specifically, one oxygen-based bleach is named OxiClean. This brand gained popularity due to ads. Since 2000 thousands of people are using this brand for cleansing purposes. Because people come to know through those ads that oxygen-based bleaches are safe for washing. Moreover, oxygen-based products effectively remove bad smells and stains from clothes.

Oxygen-based bleaches are chemically different from other bleaches. Sodium percarbonate is used in the preparation of these bleaches make it unique. Due to their safe manufacturing, these bleaches are much environmentally friendly than common detergents. Moreover, it is a potent agent. It’s one spoon sufficient for efficient cleansing.

How can you use it?

There are instructions on the bleach bottle. Use the right amount of bleach in the washing machine by following those instructions.



Oxy prime is one of the wonderful laundry detergent substitutes. This substitute came into the market a few years ago. Oxy-prime is famous because made up of natural products. It doesn’t contain any dyes, chemicals, and artificial shiners. Moreover, it is free from phosphate. It also lacks phosphates. Its nature is environmentally friendly than other detergents.

The effect of oxy-prime is a little bit desultory. When using oxy-prime for washing, it can remove stains and bad smells efficiently. However, this is not effective for bright stains.

How can you use it?

Follow the instructions given on the oxy-prime bottle for exact measurement.



Borax is the oldest laundry detergent substitute among other substitutes. Most of the mothers and grandmothers use borax for laundry purposes. Borax is made up of efficient formula that easily removes spots and odor from the bright cloths. Borax is specifically used to remove pet urine spots and bad smells from owner cloths.

One of its major disadvantages is that it leaves a white spot on both machines and clothes, not on the quantity of borax used. Even this white spot can be washed very easily, but it increases your cleansing workload.

How can you use it?

Add 1 spoon of borax in a gallon of water and soak your clothes for half-hour. After that, rinse with tap water for effective results and dry the clothes in the open air.

From where can you get these alternatives?

You can easily buy these detergent alternatives from the nearest grocery stores, hyper, and supermarkets. These substitutes are very cost-effective and efficient. Also, you can buy them from online vendors.


We will conclude the article with the words that if you are not satisfied with your detergent. And sometimes detergent is not present in the house. So, I must read this topic because we use our little efforts to compile all the environmentally friendly detergent substitutes. These alternative are strong cleansers easily remove smell, oil, dirt, stains, and mildew from clothes. Moreover, you can get these substitutes from any nearest grocery stores or supermarkets. Aside from that, also has information about how you can use these substitutes?

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