How to wash a hat in the Dishwasher – Step by Step Guide

Hats are a part of every sports uniform and in this article we will guide you; how to wash a hat in the dishwasher. Hats are key in protecting the players from the rays of sunshine in sunny regions and from the bone-chilling breeze in the colder regions. Not only is it used by players, wearing hats has emerged as a new fashion trend.

Teen love to wear hats of various designs and styles matching their attire. Wherever you are, there is almost a hundred percent chance that you one of the millions of hat wearers. Washing hats can prove a difficult task sometimes because of printing on them.

And there is also a chance that you might damage the shape. Then the question is, how to wash a hat so that it is not damaged. 

To make your job simpler, I recommend using a dishwasher to wash your hat. You might be surprised, but it is one of the most reliable and the best way to wash a hat. 

How to wash hats using a dishwasher:

Below are some major steps which should be considered before washing the hat in the dishwasher;

Gather supplies:

The first step is you must gather supplies that you need to use while washing your hat. The most important among them is your dishwasher. Next, you must select a detergent. You can use almost any kind of detergent based on the material of your hat.

But I recommend using a non-bleach detergent. It will ensure that printing on the cap is intact. After that, you need a hat frame. Now, this is not essential. You can use it if you are afraid that the process can damage the shape of your hat. Otherwise, we can continue without it.

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Check the tag:

Before you place the hat in the dishwasher, you must check the tag on your hat. You can find it inside the cap. There you will read the instructions and what kind of material is the hat made of. If mentioned in the instructions that the hat must be “Hand washed”, then it is better to abort the procedure and wash it by hand.

Checking the instruction on the Hat Tag - Image

If you cannot find it, check the material of the hat. You can clean cotton or synthetics hats using a dishwasher but not wool or hardboard. If you see that hat is not required to be hand-washed and is made or either cotton or synthetic, you can proceed. 

Hats with sharp edges must be washed by hand irrespective of what the tag says. 

Place the hat in the hat frame:

This step is only vital for the reader who is going to be using a hat frame. I recommend using a hat frame. Because it guarantees that no harm will come to the shape of your hat. You can get hat frames from any hat stores in your vicinity.

A couple of things should be kept in mind while getting a hat frame: First, it must be made from plastic, and second, it should not have much size difference from your hat. Otherwise, it will be useless, and the hat can bend during the washing process. Once you have the hat frame, open the frame, and carefully place your hat in there.

Hat in the Frame - Image

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Place the hat in the dishwasher:

Now you need to place the hat in the dishwasher. It is best if you can place it in the top tray. Make sure that the hat does not touch the ceiling of the dishwasher. If it is not possible to place the hat in the top tray, then at least make sure that the hat is not too close to the heating source.

Because direct heat application to your hat during the drying process can damage it badly. If you are washing more than one hat at a time, place them separately with a gap in between them. Hats should be stacked over one another.

Remove dishes from the dishwasher:

When you are planning to use a dishwasher to wash your hat, do not place any dirty dishes in there too. It can ruin your heart permeant with food stains.

So, whenever you are about to turn on the dishwasher, check thoroughly if there are any dishes present in there. If there are any, remove them at once. Use the next cycle to wash the plates.

Fill the detergent tray:

Now you must place the detergent in the detergent compartment of the dishwasher. Selecting a detergent can be tricky. It varies with the material of your hat. In any case, using any laundry detergent or bleach detergent is not recommended.

Loading the detergent in Dishwasher tray

Bleach detergent can dim the printing and even remove it from your hat leaving a big white spot. So, you must be careful when choosing the detergent. 

The best way to see if the detergent can harm your hat is to place a small quantity of the detergent on a corner of the hat. Chose a corner that is not visible at the times. If the detergent works fine and has not removed the printing or dimmed the hat color, you can use it.

Turning the dishwasher on:

After completing all the steps mentioned above, you can now begin the washing of your hat. Using a dishwasher from the best dishwasher brands will give you a better result. From the display bar, select the running cycle. You must choose one that is shortest in time and works in the coldest of conditions.

The reason behind choosing the shortest and coldest cycle is you can always give it another go if your hat does not come out clean. But you can never mend the damages that are inflicted on the hat with a longer washing period.

Wait for a time being while the dishwasher completes the washing process. Once it is done, we can now jump to the drying of your hat.

Remove hat before the drying cycle begins:

You must take your hat out of the dishwasher before the drying cycle starts. Usually, Best Dishwasher gives its user a choice on aborting the washing cycle. You can choose from there that the drying cycle should not begin.

If your dishwasher does not possess that feature, remove the hat, and let the dry cycle run by itself. The heat from a dishwasher drying cycle can inflict serious damage on your hat.

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Place the hat on a jar:

You need to place the hat on any jar or a similar object it can help the hat get back into its shape. This is quite crucial because if the hat is not placed on a circular object, it will not come back to its original shape and all your precautions will go to waste.

The jar must be placed in a bowl big enough to keep the water dripping from the soaked hat. If a bowl is not placed, the dripping water could make a mess.

Air-dry the hat:

Now you just need to wait till your hat dries. Be sure not to use any heat source to try to dry your hat. It can prove to be damaging to the cap. Let it dry itself in the air. If you must get it done in a hurry, you can use a fan. In that case, make sure that the hat is stable. Otherwise, it may get blown away by the air. 

Once the hat has dried, wear it, and use it in the manner you like. The answer to the question, how to wash a baseball cap is quite simple if you follow the mentioned steps. Now you do not need to worry about washing your baseball hats.

Final Words:

Once the hat has dried, wear it, and use it in the manner you like. The answer to the question, how to wash a baseball cap is quite simple if you follow the mentioned steps.

For me, the easiest way to wash a hat is with the help of a dishwasher. Just keep in mind that you must check if the detergent is harmful for your hat. If that is the case, try using a non bleach based detergent. Now you do not need to worry about washing your baseball hats.

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