How much electricity does my dishwasher use? Detailed Guide

In a single household, you will find many different furnaces like air conditioners, heaters, fridges, and many other electrical items that will extend your electricity bill very easily. So why increase the bill by adding dishwasher electrical costs? But one thing to remember is that these dishwashers use a very decent amount of electricity whether the main by-product is heating because after filling your dishwasher with water, it heats the water. When you put your utensils inside that dishwasher, it starts washing them with the help of a dishwashing pod. Here you will not need your hands to wash it.

Do these Dishwashers use a lot of electricity?

The machine of dishwashers didn’t use a lot of electricity, as all the pump and controlling electronics uses only 1200 watts which is equal to a hairdryer. However, these dishwashers have their onboard heaters, which also add a bit to the electricity. There are different sizes of these dishwashers with multiple mods, which means you can get different operations on your dishwasher. Moreover, a single load of dishwashers typically uses 1-2 units only. This is a great way to save energy by calculating the amount of energy by using a calculator. Just multiply the units with the current units you have used.

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Water usage of a dishwasher:

Yes, electricity is the essential thing for a dishwasher but remembers, water is also crucial. All the dishwashers require hot water to do their job effectively, but obviously, this water has to come from somewhere. How much energy the dishwasher use depends on the amount of water you put in it to clean the dishes. Now the amount of water used by the dishwasher depends on its manufacturing date:

  • Those dishwashers manufactured before 1994 uses 10-15 gallons in there each load.
  • Older than 1994, manufactured dishwashers use 4-6 gallons of water.
  • New manufactured standard-sized dishwashers use less than 4 gallons in every load.

Energy consumption per load:

There isn’t any stone figure about how much energy your dishwasher will use. Giving an estimated amount on how much energy it will use per load is tricky because its power consumption varies with every model, depending on the manufacturing design and the cycle you are going to run. Different dishwashers have various settings like the soil level and type of dishes; both settings will directly affect the variables like water level and pressure.  Many advanced dishwashers have high energy consumption because of added options like heating and drying. That is why you can’t calculate the fixed amount of cost added to your electricity bill.

How to save money while using dishwashers?

Nowadays, when you have to pay the bill for everything, it’s essential to save money from all the appliances. Here you are getting the opportunity to save money from saving energy that your dishwasher. Try the following tips to save maximum energy, keeping your electricity bills minimum:

How much electricity does my dishwasher use?
  • Build-up full load of dirty dishes:

Before running your dishwasher, it’s essential to fill it full with dirty dishes, so you don’t have to run the dishwasher again and again.

  • Never overfill your dishwasher:

To make your dishwasher work more effectively, never overfill the washer because then it will not give much space for the water to circulate.

  • Immediately open the doors of the washer:

After the cycle is completed, immediately open the doors of your dishwasher, as this evaporating process will accelerate. So by this, you will not use the heat and dry option and save energy.

  • Clean the dishes regularly:

To avoid using the spray arm and not want the filters to clog, clean the dishes regularly. This will clean your dishes in a single cycle.

  • Upgrade the dishwasher:

Models dishwashers have been manufactured to save energy, so if you upgrade your old dishwasher with a new one, it will automatically save a lot of energy.

  • Avoid using the dishwasher on summer days:

If you use your dishwasher on hot days, it will produce extra heat in your home, making the work of your air conditioner harder, increasing the amount of electricity you are using.

  • Consider handwashing:

In many cases washing dishes by hand uses a lot of water as compared to using the dishwasher. But there is a time when you have to do the job by rolling your sleeves up, especially when you have less than the load dishes.

Can we run the dishwasher every day?

Mostly you didn’t get an accurate idea about how much energy your dishwasher will consume, but many studies show that it didn’t use much electricity. The pumps of dishwasher use about 1200 watts of total electricity, which is approx. Similar to the blow dryer.

How much electricity does my dishwasher use?

All the dishwashers use very low power piggyback off the water heater, which is about half of the energy consumption. From an energy perspective, you can use a dishwasher every day. You have to use it when it is full of dishes.

Can you save energy by using your dishwasher at night?

The cost of electricity differ from state to state, but yes, the electricity charge is high in the daytime when it is used mostly and low at night because the consumption is infrequent at night. So if you will use the dishwasher at night, it will save a lot of your energy compared to using it in the daytime. The morning period is from 1 pm to 7 pm, and after 7 pm the electricity units get low. 


The electricity consumption of your dishwashers depends on the model you are using. For example, the standard new manufactured models are designed to consume minimum electricity to save energy. Apart from that, there are some tips to follow which will help you to decrease your energy consumption. Moreover, the dishwashers mostly use about 12oo watts of electricity, equal to using a blow dryer. Additionally, if you want to calculate the proper amount of electricity used by the dishwasher, you can do it by taking the product of units used by the dishwasher.

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