Can you use dishwasher pods for laundry? Detailed Guide

Every household uses a different type of cleaner to meet its specific needs. Having laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, cleansers for the toilet, fabric softeners, and products for the body and face are extremely obvious. Here comes the question: if you don’t have laundry detergent, can you use dishwasher pods instead? The answer is a big no; as discussed before, each cleanser has its specific work because it comprises certain chemicals having properties that suit its particular function. Using dishwasher pods for laundry means ruining all your clothes because these dishwasher pods have bleaching ingredients that can be harmful to your clothes.

Why should you not use dishwasher pods for laundry?

The first thing you have to note is that dishwashing detergents didn’t have the chemical properties that any other detergents contain. But yes, a foaming agent is added to its composition, making foams after putting them in the water. This form is easy to rinse from dishes but hard to do from clothes.

The second thing is that the dishwasher pods will never clean your clothes. The only thing they will do is leave your clothes discolored because of the presence of bleaching ingredients. It would help if you didn’t use dishwasher pods for laundry because these washers need a high temperature to dissolve completely, and your clothes may not bear that much temperature. So if you use high temperature, it will damage your clothes, and not using high temperature will leave the pods undissolved in your washing machine.

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Can you use laundry detergent pods for dishes?

Both the laundry and detergent pods have their specific function because of containing different chemicals. It’s also true that both the laundry and dishwasher pods do have soil lifting and cleaning surfactants. They do look similar, but you can’t use them interchangeably. You already know the reason why you can’t use dishwasher pods for laundry.

Can you use laundry detergent pods for dishes?

As same as that you can’t wash your dishes with laundry washing pods. The reason is that these dishwashing pods have enzymes that are effective in the breakdown of crusted food and these enzymes are absent in dishwashing pods. Moreover, laundry pods also have some additional chemicals like fragrance, brighteners, stain removers, and a few others, which can leave residue on your dishes.

How to use the dishwasher pods?

These small dishwashing pods have concentrated detergents in a proper dosage so that you can use them in a single cycle of the dishwasher. Each capsule of dishwasher pods has an outer fill that gets dissolved after putting it in the water; because of having the concentrated amount of detergents, you can easily do one cycle.

The procedure of using dishwasher pods:

  • Take the dishwasher pod out of the container but be careful not to touch it wet hands as after getting contact with water, it starts to dissolve.
  • Now put the pod in the dishwasher dispenser and then close the outer lid—no need to poke any holes because it will start to dissolve immediately after you start the cycle.
  • Just start the cycle after closing the dishwasher and concentrate on the preferable setting.

Dishwashers are getting popular due to their efficiency, especially when you can’t measure anything. You have to put the dishwasher pod in the dishwasher, and it’s enough to do a single cycle. These pods are perfect for removing the food particles, cutting grease, and every other dish-related dirt.

Can you use dishwashing pods for any other purpose?

Besides washing dishes, there are also several cleanings these pods can do:

  • If you have different marks on your floor like pencils, crayons, or scuff, you can remove them using the dishwasher pods. Just dip the pod in hot water and start removing the marks using a sponge.
  • You can also clean the toilet by dipping the pod in the toilet bowl and scrub it like you regularly do; you will get perfect results.
  • The patio furniture can easily get pollen, mildew, and any other dirt on it, so you can remove it by mixing the dishwasher pod with hot water and cleaning furniture with this mixture with the help of a sponge.
  • If you want to clean your garbage bins, just put the pod inside the bin and fill it with water. Now let it soak and dissolve for about 30 minutes. After that, rinse and wash the bin with water.
  • In your Jacuzzi, it’s hard to reach all the parts easily with normal tub cleaning. So to do perfect cleaning, add a single pod in the tub and fill it with hot water; turn on the jets now, and all the hard-to-reach parts will be cleaned.
  • You can also clean the stains from your car garage because of car leaks and are very stubborn. Clean those hard-to-remove stains by making a thick paste of pod mixing with hot water. Now start rubbing the stains using this thick paste and leave it for about 5 minutes. After that, rinse it off.

What are the alternatives for emergency laundry detergents?

Imagine discovering not having laundry detergent so you will skip your laundry day? The answer is no; you can still do laundry by finding the alternative for laundry detergent.

Can you use dishwasher pods for laundry?

An alternative that is machine-safe

After you have used up all your laundry detergent, some detergent is still left in the container. Put some water and shake it; you will get enough detergent for your load. To enhance it, put borax or baking soda; it will work perfectly instead of washing powder.

Alternative for hand washing

If you wash clothes with your hands, you can use baby shampoo, bath bar soap, hand or body wash, or even dishwashing liquid after confirming it didn’t have bleach.


This whole article was about a question: can you use dishwasher pods for laundry? The answer is no; you can’t, as it has bleaching ingredients that can damage the color of your clothes. In the absence of a laundry washer, you can use baking soda or borax and even make homemade detergent by using borax, baking soda, and bar soap.

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