Can I Put Dishwasher Tablet in Bottom of Dishwasher? Detailed Guide

The use of detergent tablets seems a pretty common thing these days. Each household has installed dishwashers in their kitchens because such equipment offers many conveniences and saves time and effort. Lots of problems arise upon tossing and throwing a dishwasher tablet in the bottom zone of your dishwasher compartment. Furthermore, it remains suggested to place them in the detergent dispenser section. This way, they will not get dissolved too quickly.

So, one of the commonly asked questions while using a dishwasher! It remains often asked Can I Put Dishwasher Tablet in Bottom of Dishwasher? Here you can know why it does not count as a wise idea to place a dishwasher tablet in the bottom section of this dishwashing machine.  

Why does putting a Dishwasher Tablet in the Bottom section of the dishwasher sounds not a good idea?

 You face a lot of trouble while putting the dishwasher tablet in the bottom section rather than in the detergent dispenser section of the machine. Your whole dish cleaning job will turn out to be a big mess for you. In addition, tablets present at the bottom section start to dissolve too much quickly. They fail to work up to the mark and give zero performance during their wash cycles.

Tablets placed at the bottom section do not clean your dishes properly and make them dirty looking like they were! Your wash cycles become small, and you end up losing a bunch number of tablets.

Putting tablets in the dishwasher compartment does not consume much detergent and releases them slowly, and gradually. Most people place these tablets in the bottom section because they remain too big or too small to adjust in the dishwasher compartment. So, before you buy a pack of dishwasher tablets, make sure that they get fit in your detergent compartment.

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The working mechanism of dishwasher tablets

The working mechanism of dishwasher tablets looks simple enough. Basic and standard ingredients make these tablets so that your dishes may get cleaned up instantly and quickly. In addition, the combination of surfactants and water pick up all possible food debris stuck on your utensils and gives them a thorough cleaning job. A few dishwasher tablets accompany themselves with enzymes to seamlessly manage the issues brought up because of hard water.

dishwasher tablets

As soon as you put the dishwasher tablet right into the detergent dispenser compartment, you will see that your machine will release the dishwasher tablet contents at the suitable and optimal time and perfectly clean your dishes.

The correct way to use dishwasher tablets

There comes a specific and proper way to use dishwasher tablets. A few of the latest versions of tablets come with protective packaging. Before tossing these tablets in the dishwasher, make sure to remove and take off the packaging. Keep in a notice that just the finish tablets carry such protective packaging around them. Now, open up the detergent dispensing compartment and pop up the dishwasher tablet in it. You can close the case and turn on your dishwasher.

It remains recommended to use one tablet at one single time. Avoid putting two tablets in the detergent cup at the same time. Furthermore, fully dry your dishwasher tablet and detergent cup before using them. If any of you often use wrapper-free tabs, it gets always suggested to take them in your dry hands only. Wet hands release the content and overall texture of dishwasher tablets quickly.

Once you have taken out a single tablet from the dishwasher tablet pack, you need to reseal that pack again. Keep that pack away from moisture and heat traces. Experts have advised keeping the optimal water temperature range from 125° to 140° F.

Standard shelf life of dishwasher tablets

On an average basis, the expected shelf life of dishwasher tablets remains approximately up to two years. On the other hand, experts have advised us to avoid keeping a pile and stock of these tablets. Keep the stockpile up to the lowest notes; otherwise, these tablets may expire for unknown reasons. Moreover, the deteriorating factor of packaging reduces the shelf life of dishwasher tablets.

Dishwasher tablets variety

Dishwasher tablets variety

One of the most used and commonly available products while using a dishwasher will always be these tablets. They have replaced the use of dishwasher pods. Gone are those days when dishwashers used to get filled with pods and gels. The efficiency and effectiveness of these machines have increased and amplified because of the arrival of tablets. Inside these capsules or tablets, we have detergent stuff. As soon as tablets come in contact with water, they start to dissolve themselves and clean up your dishes.

Undoubtedly, dishwasher tablets have arrived as one of the user-friendly and convenient to use dish cleaning solutions. You may have come across with extensive amount of variety when buying a dishwasher tablet. Furthermore, it remains constantly suggested to have a tablet that accompanies itself with organic ingredients.

Hence, dishwasher tablets have become a preferable choice. They offer ease of use and work better than dishwasher gels, pods, and other dish powder cleaning solutions. And dishwasher tablets ensure that your machine and dishes remain safe and sound and do not get damaged.

Bottom line

Now, you have got the answer regarding Can I Put Dishwasher Tablet in Bottom of Dishwasher? You can share with us how you use these tablets and where you often place them! Rest, we suggest you place tablets in the detergent compartment rather than in the bottom section.

This requirement has become necessary because the proper placement of dishwasher tablets ensures high efficiency, ideal dish cleaning, and consumes tiny detergent amounts. On the other hand, placing tablets in the bottom compartment negatively affects the dishwashing cleaning cycle. Until and unless your detergent compartment does not look ok and seems broken, only in that case you can throw tablets in the bottom section. Otherwise, make it a priority always to keep dishwasher tablets in the detergent compartment.

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