Best Integrated Dishwasher 2022 – Reviews and Buying Advice

A dishwasher is the need of every house these days .We have reviewed the best integrated dishwasher 2022 in this article which will fit into your kitchen. With an ever increasing competition in market, it becomes quite difficult to assess which is the best affordable dishwasher in the market.

With a variety of dishwashers at hand, integrated dishwashers are being preferred over the other types due to the uniform look and a neat ambience they give to your kitchen’s interior.

With innovation on its peak, a variety of new functions are being added to dishwashers as well. Compare and contrast is an old school yet effective method to find out what you need from a plethora of things.


EdgeStar BIDW1802SS
EdgeStar BIDW1802SS
  • 8 Place Settings
  • 52 db Sound Level
  • Energy Star Certified
Bosch SHPM78Z55N
Bosch SHPM78Z55N
  • 16 Place Settings
  • 42 db Sound Level
  • High Efficiency
Frigidaire FFCD2418UB
Frigidaire FFCD2418UB
  • 14 Place Settings
  • Polymer Tub
  • Easy to use

There are many other integrated dishwashers in the market but as per our experts review below are 5 are the best Integrated Dishwasher 2022. Hope that this list will help you to finalize a product that suits your budget and needs.

5 Best Integrated Dishwasher 2022

Brand  Model Weight (lbs) Size (Inches) Check Price
Edge Star BIDW1802SS 52.9 22.44×17.63×32.5 View on Amazon
Bosch SHPM78Z55N 95 23.75×23.56×33.88 View on Amazon
Frigidaire FFCD2418UB 60 24 x 25 x 35 View on Amazon
Frigidaire FBD2400KS 68 24 x 25 x 35 View on Amazon
Bosch SHP878ZD5N 102 23.75×23.56×33.87 View on Amazon

1: EdgeStar BIDW1802SS – 18″ Energy Star Rated Dishwasher

This EdgeStar integrated dishwasher is best for fitting into your kitchen without merchandising itself to everyone who visits your kitchen. It is a concise 18 inch unit which can fit into smaller spaces.

The best thing about this product is, despite being compact, it does not compromise the internal space and can accommodate up to eight place settings.

EdgeStar BIDW1802SS Dishwasher

The interior includes two dish racks and a silverware cup and basket tray. The dishwasher comes with six type of wash cycles: heavy, normal, light, glass, speed, and rinse.

1- EdgeStar BIDW1802SS 18 225x225

Key Features:

A rinse control button helps you select the type of wash cycle you want. There’s a light indicator which shows which cycle of the wash is going on.

Once the wash cycles are complete, a buzzer goes off.  You can choose the number of wash cycles via the dial selector. The dial selector comes with on/off and pause/start buttons. Moreover, there’s a leakage sensor that shuts off water if any leakage is detected.

Being an 18 inch dishwasher, it’s the best to use if you’re looking for something compact and easy to fit in your kitchen.

  • Compact size with a better performance
  • Competitive price
  • Quiet functioning
  • Easy Installation
  • Not suitable for commercial purposes as it has a compact size


 The stainless steel compact body makes it the best integrated dishwasher if you’re looking for something not too big. The small size does not come in its way of functioning efficiently. With different function integration, this product falls into the category of best affordable dishwashers.

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2: Bosch SHPM78Z55N – 24″ 800 Series Dishwasher

Bosch has maintained its brand’s worth by introducing products that without a doubt can be put into the category of best integrated dishwashers.

Loaded with the latest technology along with the stainless steel body of this unit, makes it a worthy option in the best affordable dishwasher category. This unit comes with a latest drying technology: Patented CrystalDry which makes it stand out.

Patented CrystalDry uses natural minerals to absorb water and then is turned into steam. It makes the whole process of washing and drying the dishes, easier.

Bosch SHPM78Z55N 24″ Dishwasher

Bosch stands out as a best adorable dishwasher due it’s extra functions i.e. sanitizing (Eliminates bacteria and germs) and Energy efficient (saves up to 69%. water).

2- Bosch SHPM78Z55N 24inch 800 225x225

Key Features:

A sleek stainless steel exterior adds up to your kitchen’s interior. Multiple layers have been added to keep the sound of dishwasher as low as 42 Decibels (Hardly audible. The unit features six wash cycles and has 5 options to handle all types of soiling. An Aqua sensor makes sure that the dishes are cleaned by examining the rinse water.

The Precision wash system eliminates the need to prewash the dishes. Its spray arms make use of sensors and intelligently cover all areas of dishes.

The AquaStop leak sensor makes sure that there are no leaks or spills that might make a mess in your kitchen. A red light is projected on the dishwasher floor when the dishes are being washed. This prevents any mid-wash opening of the dishwasher.

The Bosch Integrated dishwasher comes with a huge space inside it that fits it all. You get 3 height adjustments with up to 9 possible rack positions. The flexible 3rd rack adds up to 30% more space by folding downside. You can also fit your large pots pans inside the dishwasher. The 16 place setting can handle loads and loads of dishes in just one wash.

Bosch stands out as a best adorable dishwasher due it’s extra functions i.e. sanitizing (Eliminates bacteria and germs) and Energy efficient ( saves up to 69%. Of water i.e. 280 gallons per year).

  • Large internal space
  • Quite functioning
  • No pre-rinse/wash required
  • Energy Efficient
  • Loaded with sensors (Intelligent Machine)
  • There’s no child-lock in this model


Bosch has introduced a good model in this price range. The bank to buck ratio of this dishwasher is quite good due to which we have put it in our best integrated dishwasher list.

Multiple sensors installed in this dishwasher make it an intelligent machine and this is also a reason why this model is getting best dishwasher reviews all over the internet. Its swift functioning time (1 hour) makes it stand out from other models in the same price category.

3: Frigidaire FFCD2418UB – 24″ Built In Full Console Dishwasher

Frigidaire have gone above and beyond to create a tall tub dishwasher that gets things done in an affordable price. With multiple cleaning options and a food filtration system, this variant of Frigidaire is a worthy contender for best integrated dishwashers. This is a best selling item on Amazon.

Frigidaire FFCD2418UB Dishwasher

A large 14 place setting that is cleaned in one cycle gives you the liberty to get all your dishes cleaned in lesser time. Good looking Black color.

3- Frigidaire FFCD2418UB 225x225

Key Features:

A large 14 place setting that is cleaned in one cycle gives you the liberty to get all your dishes cleaned in lesser time.

It comes with a PVC rack material that gives it a modern interior look and strength.

Different cleaning options (Energy Saver, 1 Hour, Normal Wash and Heavy Wash) crafted for your needs are integrated in the system. This variant comes with a time delay system. You can set the dishwasher to start working after four hours.

Functioning at 55 Decibels make it a quiet dishwasher and you do not have to wait for a specific time to wash the dishes. All the food particles are eliminated after cleansing so that there’s no food decaying inside the dishwasher.

The plus point here is sanitizing cycle that removes 99% of the germs and bacteria. The heating filament dries the dishes at the end of washing cycle. You can track the progress of washing cycle with LED indicators on the control panel.

The dishwasher comes with a stay put door which gives you a convenience in loading and unloading the dishes.

  • Energy efficient
  • Tall tube design
  • Quite functioning (55 Decibels)
  • Multiple option wash
  • Easy to use control panel
  • It takes more space due to the tall tube design


This dishwasher is best to use if you have a large space that can accommodate it. It has a huge capacity so it is a good option for commercial use as well. Multiple functions and a stainless steel design make it an affordable dishwasher in this price range.

Frigidaire has been getting best dishwasher reviews due to its durable and economic products. That’s why we have added this variant of dishwashers in our best integrated dishwasher list.

4: Frigidaire FBD2400KS – 24″ Stainless Dishwasher

This dishwasher is one of the most affordable dishwashers and gets you the best value of money. Multiple functions, energy efficient, and durability makes it the best affordable dishwasher.

Frigidaire FBD2400KS Dishwasher

The ultra-quiet functioning enables the dishwasher to work at 62 Decibels. The air dry option makes it energy efficient and gets the job done as well.

4- Frigidaire FBD2400KS 225x225

Key Features:

This Frigidaire dishwasher has a 12 place setting capacity with a tall tube design.

It can handle a full day’s dishes with the option of 2 wash cycles and 2 wash levels with a heated dry to perfectly conclude the washing cycle of your dishes.

A polymer tub is added to enhance the drying process.

  • Affordable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Quite functioning
  • Quick delivery
  • Control lock
  • Limited washing options


It is a good device in a great price. Although it lacks intelligent features like the other variants but that is compensated by the competitive price and its efficiency. It is a good option for those who are on a budget and are looking for a great value of money.

5: Bosch SHP878ZD5N – 24″ Fully Integrated Dishwasher

This is Bosch’s top of the line variant with multiple intelligent feature integration to provide a value added user experience. It is in every way a user friendly machine which is aimed at giving the best value of money in the market.

After undergoing 485 quality checks, Bosch makes sure that they are sending out a worthy product in market.

Bosch SHP878ZD5N Dishwasher

The Quietest Dishwasher Brand in the U.S. Bosch dishwashers are whisper quiet 42dB so you never have to wait until bedtime to run the dishwasher. 

5- Bosch SHP878ZD5N 24inch 800 225x225

Key Features:

This is one of the quietest dishwashers with functioning sound as low as 42 Decibels (Breathing sound is 10 Decibels). Multiple insulation layers are added along with an EcoSilence motor system that does not make a lot of noise.

This fully integrated dishwasher has a flexible 3rd rack which allows you to adjust large items such as pans and pots. The precision wash feature ensures that every part of the dishes gets cleaned. The precision spray arms clean the entire area intelligently without leaving a single spot on the dishes.

It has a stainless steel 24 inch tub which can accommodate a large number of dishes. The CrystalDry feature makes it very convenient to wash the dishes. There is no pre and post wash work required. All you need to do is put in the dishes, select a wash type and wait.

  • Advanced features
  • Less noise
  • Energy and water efficient
  • A little bit Expensive


This model of Bosch is a good option with the CrystalDry technology and Precision wash. You might not get these in another brand. The best thing about it is the value of money.

You can use this dishwasher at any time of the day without worrying about the noise and you don’t have to rinse them before putting in the dishwasher. It reduces your effort tremendously. You just put in the dishes and get a dried shiny dish after the cycle.

Buying Advice – Best Integrated Dishwasher 2022

Budget and needs is the most important factor when making a decision about buying something. If you have a good budget, quality follows. However, the aforementioned 5 dishwashers are the best integrated dishwashers with multiple functions and sizes and provide you the best dishwasher deals.

Doing some research can get your hands on something that comes with a good price as well as performs really well. The above list includes the products with best dishwasher reviews.

Only you can decide what’s the best integrated dishwasher for you. Go through our curated list and select the one that suits your criteria. Below are some tips which you should consider before buying any best dishwasher.

Infographic - Buying-Guide-Image-Best-Integrated-Dishwasher-2021

Final Verdict:

All of the 5 product discussed are exceptional in terms of price and functions. However, buying something that’s cheap should be your last priority whenever it comes to appliances. They are to stay with you for a long time and investing in something like that is always a good choice.

Don’t be very strict with your budget. If you can get something better for another hundred bucks, it’s better to invest.

Frequently asked questions | FAQ’s:

Q1) What does 42 Decibel sound compare with?

It’s the same as the sound of your fridge.

Q2) Can I install the dishwasher myself?

No, you’ll need to have a professional install it.

Q3) Do I need to buy something extra with these dishwashers?

No, everything that’s needed for this dishwasher to function comes inside the box.

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