Best Drawer Dishwasher – Reviews and Buying Advice

My mom has always been frustrated of my habit of eating the whole day and piling up the dishes in the kitchen. Some huge-sized common dishwashers cannot just be functioned for small quantity of dishes. That is why I have finally decided to gift one of the best drawer dishwasher to her (because I just don’t want to listen to those angry vines!!).

Many folks do not have much exposure of things like dishwashers. That is the reason these portable, drawer dishwashers have not made their places in people’s minds but are surely in people’s hearts.

How to pull out dishwasher….?
What is this ……?

We know there must be many questions revolving around your mind. The answer to all those questions are behind a microscope, that microscope which we will place on the features of each product.

The kitchen is too small for the standard sized dishwasher? Let me tell you that we have the solution to this problem too. Please do not mistake us as santa clause, having solutions to every problem!!


Fisher Paykel DD24DAX9

  • Two Drawers
  • Quiet Working
  • Energy Star Certified


Fisher Paykel DD24SAX9

  • 7 Place Settings
  • Quick Wash
  • Energy Star Certified


EdgeStar DWP62SV

  • 6 Place Setting
  • Cutlery Basket
  • Energy Start Certified


Our Experts have gathered the data and selected the best drawer dishwasher as below. Hope this list will save your time and you will select the best dishwasher as per your need and budget;

5 Best Drawer Dishwasher Reviews

Image Brand Model Size (Inch) Check Price
EDGE STAR DWP62SV 19.63×21.63×17.31 View on Amazon
FISHER PAYKEL DD24SAX9 22.57×23.57×16.13 View on Amazon
FISHER PAYKEL DD24DCTX9 27 x 28 x 38 View on Amazon
FISHER PAYKEL DD24DAX9 22.56×23.56×34.63 View on Amazon
FISHER PAYKEL DD24SAB9N 27 x 26 x 20 View on Amazon

1: EdgeStar DWP62SV Dishwasher – Energy Star Certified

One of the best drawer dishwashers is in front of you. EdgeStar has contributed its skills and abilities for this product. It is a built-in dishwasher which can be fixed where your cabinets might not have left some space.

The body which is said to be extremely strong and resistant to any sort of dents is made up of stainless steel. No doubt it is one of the cheapest and flexible in functioning.

EdgeStar DWP62SV Dishwasher

It contains a 6 place setting and has a sufficient amount of space for your family. The thing on which this all depends is the size.

01-EdgeStar_DWP62SV 225x225

Key Features:

It has the ability to fit on your counter top so if you do not find any place between cabinets rest it on your counter. Not just this but for your convenience you can buy 5 year warranty (protection) for all the parts

When the questions are raised on its efficiency so we just make the people realize of the presence of a built-in raise agent dispenser. This feature actually drives the people towards it as an efficient wash of the dishes is assured by it.

Abracadabra, the dirt and bacteria are gone!!

A long 5 foot hose comes along with this single drawer dishwasher which makes it easy for you to place it anywhere. Usually the dishwashers have to be placed near to the sink. But this hose will permit you to place it anywhere convenient for you.

  • A single drawer dishwasher decreasing the confusion
  • Best drawer dishwasher for small spaces
  • Surrounded with ease
  • Installation is easy peasy
  • Highly-geared spray arm
  • Water heater to clean germs
  • Might not be suitable for larger families


Lastly, we would like to say that you are good to go if your small kitchen cannot afford another cabinet shaped dishwasher. Small spaces have been supported by EdgeStar’s single drawer dishwasher. It has a proper dish rack, cup shelf and cutlery basket which adds to your convenience.

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2: Fisher Paykel DD24SAX9 – Single Drawer Dishwasher

This fisher paykel drawer dishwasher has learned the art of impressing people with its features. This is designed by considering that it suits every kitchen. Made of stainless steel it is ADA (Americans Disability Act) compliant.

God given disabilities cannot be put right but life can be made relatively easy by choosing such appliances.

Fisher Paykel DD24SAX9 Dishwasher

There will be 6 different wash cycles to choose from which can either increase of decrease the intensity of the wash. This again depends on how dirty your dishes are.

Fisher_Paykel_DD24SAX9 225x225

Key Features:

It can be easily installed and detached putting it on the right height. When it comes to installation you don’t need to hire a group of people for this purpose you can do it yourself.

There are 24-inch drawers and 7 place settings signaling towards its capacity.

It is Energy Star certified which surely will help you in trusting your dishwasher.

The best way to decrease the weight of digits on your electricity bill is to bring this best drawer dishwasher home. Smaller appliances do not put much pressure on the voltage and same goes for this fisher paykel drawer dishwasher.

It is made of stainless steel making it strong enough to resist against stains or scratches. This makes the body of your dishwasher sleek and shiny as before.

The fan-assisted drying technology is a fan which provides an efficient drying of your dishes.

Proper positioning of dishes is assured by Fisher paykel drawer dishwasher. It has two cutlery baskets, cup racks for cups and cutlery items.

  • 6 wash cycles    
  • Low sound level
  • Fan assisted technology is present
  • Backed with EnergyStar certification
  • The absence of spray pressure might affect your efficiency
  • Lacks the ability of steam wash


This brand has been impressive till now and provided with a reliable performance. The features prove the fact why many people have been looking for fisher and paykel dishwashers. We hope that this drawer dishwasher review would have been useful for you.

3: Fisher Paykel DD24DCTX9 – Double Drawer Dishwasher

This is a 2 drawer dishwasher chosen especially for a huge fan base of Fisher paykel drawer dishwashers. According to numerous reviews we have got to a conclusion that folks are actually liking the effort put in by Fisher and paykel. 

There is a great saying that “Time is money and money is power” Wasting time will lead to wastage of power. Therefore the manufacturers have decided to conserve your time and energy and bring about a change in the dishwashers.

That was the time when, in the list of best drawer dishwashers, entered 2 drawer dishwasher.

Fisher Paykel DD24DCTX9 Dishwasher

Another wash cycle is “Extra Dry”. Just like its name suggests it can dry your dishes way better than other dishwashers.

03-Fisher Paykel DD24DCTX9 225x225

Key Features:

You can clean two different types of dishes which are meant to be washed separately like, glasses and pots at the same time.

There are total 6 wash cycles out which two have achieved an entirely different position, that too at the top.  This dishwasher has got ready to even become a murderer just for the sake of it users!! It can kill 99.9% of the bacteria through “Sanitize cycle”.

  • Usage is easy
  • Met the users expectations
  • 2 drawer dishwasher
  • The heating might seem a little weak


You can wash glasses and pots in those two different drawers at the same time. This is the time when you should switch from the regular style dishwasher to double dishwasher. Every penny you will spend on it will be worth it. This is the reason we don’t take the expensiveness of this dishwasher behind the bars of cons.

4: Fisher Paykel DD24DAX9 – Double Drawer Dishwasher

Investing in one 2 drawer dishwasher is more economical than two large, standard sized, single drawer dishwashers. This mostly applies to those households which are occupied by several family members. We are yet again in front of you with fisher paykel drawer dishwasher.

Things will eventually get easier once you will be able to wash glasses and pans at the same time, in two different drawers and that too in one dishwasher.

Fisher Paykel DD24DAX9 Dishwasher

Both the drawers together have 14 place setting. Not just this but the pitched tines enable the user to wash larger dishes found in your kitchen.

04-Fisher Paykel DD24DAX9 Double DishDrawer 225x225

Key Features:

Along with this cheap drawer dishwasher an extra 5-year warranty can also be brought to protect your purchase.

It is certified with EnergyStar and enough to put a final stamp on this dishwasher by users.

This fisher paykel drawer dishwasher consumes less energy put a drop in your bills. Conserving the energy is far more the greatest contribution you can make to the Earth and the next upcoming generations.

Total 6 wash cycles give you options from where you can choose from. This increases the flexibility.

  • Consumes low power
  • Silently functions
  • Two drawer add to the space
  • No option for delayed start
  • Absence of a drying cycle


We have ran into many drawer dishwasher reviews and found this one the best. Now your dishes are permitted to occupy larger space in the dishwasher. The analysis of the reviews indicates that people have been regretting the fact that they have ignored it before.

That is why we suggest you not to give it a second thought and just bring this home on the first thought only.

5: Fisher Paykel DD24SAB9N – Single Drawer Dishwasher

We can assure you that putting trust on this dishwasher is one thing you will do completely right. The fact, that this earth has been gifted with many skillful people and latest inventions has been proved by this best drawer dishwasher. There is nothing in this dishwasher to worry about.

After taking a closer look at its glass breaking features we are sure you might not find a reason to deny buying this dishwasher.

Fisher Paykel DD24SAB9N Dishwasher

It has a total 6 wash cycles giving you numerous options. These wash cycles permit you to increase or decrease the intensity of the washing you want.

05-Fisher_Paykel_DD24SAB9N 225x225

Key Features:

You will not have to look for people to explain you how to function the dishwasher. The controlling buttons are way too easy to operate.

It owns a separate position in people’s hearts by providing the users a greater space for the dishes.

You can freely change the racks according to your own convenience. This permits the user to wash their pots and pans.

To create further more space you can detach the folding tines. This can make room for your larger pots or dishes.

This dishwasher can be placed anywhere in your kitchen as the dimensions are also on the basis of generally demanded size.

 It is not always about the interior functionality of the drawer dishwasher, but the design is also considered by many. That is why Fisher and Paykel have made sure this black colored dishwasher has a sleek design and throws a great impression.

A child lock is attached together so that it accidentally doesn’t turn on. Keeping such appliances away from children especially is really important and the safest precautionary measure is the child lock. 

  • Loading has been turned easier
  • Efficient performer
  • Can be positioned at a convenient height
  • ADA (Americans Disabilities Act) compliant
  • It only comes in black color


It is extremely easy for even a person on wheel chair to taste the feeling of independency and wash their dishes. Putting it on a certain, convenient height to get the work done decreases time and energy consumed.

Buying Guide – Best Drawer Dishwasher

Before adding any of the above dishwashers to cart we want you to go through the guidelines below. To come to a final decision there are different stages that one has to complete. In this case those stages include some tips which are important to be considered or else you will remain in the devil and the dead sea. 

Buying Guide - Best Drawer Dishwasher

Types of dishwashers:

From the above mentioned dishwasher you might have found two types.

One is the single drawer dishwasher and the other is the 2 drawer dishwasher. The dishwasher with only one drawer permits the user to wash the dishes of only one type and one wash at a time. This can also fit in replacement of a normal drawer. The dishwasher with two drawers can wash numerous dishes but can be replaced with a cabinet only. These 2 drawer dishwashers allow you to run two different wash cycles concurrently. But if it is a counter top dishwasher than it can be placed on the kitchen counter.

The noise level:

A quite kitchen environment adds to the comfort of the one who is working. That is why these appliances do not have a right to break the aura of quietness in your kitchen. Therefore you are suggested to choose those dishwashers which have a low sound level.


This aspect seems way more important for many users out there. This decision depends on the size of your kitchen and the spare space you have.


Many dishwashers have numerous wash cycles providing you with greater options to choose from. Such are more advanced and may cost you higher. If the result you are getting is worth the payment you have made then going for the expensive one is just like choosing life over money.


Different manufacturers have opted to bless their products by different features. Some features like heating and drying are demanded to be efficient, others might not be too important or useful for some folks.

Due to that reason we suggest you to choose those dishwashers which carry all those features needed by you. It will turn your purchasing more economical and you will be away for unfathomable operations

Frequently asked questions | FAQ’s:

Q1) Why should I choose drawer dishwashers?

An economical lifestyle is preferred by many folks so according to this, dishwashers with drawers are inexpensive. They consume less water and energy as they are smaller in size as compare to the standard dishwasher. There are many other reasons which you might have understood by looking at the unique features.

Q2) Which is the best drawer dishwasher?

Every brand mentioned above is specialized in making drawer dishwashers. These dishwashers have different features so are therefore distinct. We can’t specify the best one because every dishwasher has a separate place in the leader boards.

Q3) How much water is consumed?

They consume less amount of water turning into an eco-friendly appliance.

Q4) How can the drawer dishwasher be cleaned?

Some dishwashers contain filters. These can be removed and cleaned thoroughly. Other than this, some home tips can be applied such as, the use of vinegar.

Our Final Verdict:

A long journey and finally we all have come to a point where we can decide on the best dishwasher. The increasing amount of brands in the market of best drawer dishwasher has made the decision of choosing any one of them extremely difficult.

But by listing in front of you 5 drawer dishwasher reviews we hope you might have been able to find the exit door of the maze. We have got great reviews from people using them and they are satisfied with the way these dishwashers work.

Happy long lasting and a temporary weekend ahead to all the old-fashioned dishwashers!!

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