Best Dishwasher under 500 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Who doesn’t like a neat and clean kitchen? Cleaning the dishes after a successful party or any family event might be a back-breaking task. But some time love to buy the dishwasher and not fit in the budget, we have compiled the best dishwasher under 500 in order for you to make easy to decide and buy the good one.

To reduce your efforts, the best dishwashers in the market would do your job significantly. Not only this, if you’re on a strict budget then you’ll be able to get a best dishwasher budget without compromising on the quality.

After a thorough and deep research by our professionals, we would like to introduce the top 7 best dishwashers under 500.

We have also narrowed down your decision, so you could make a wise decision. So, without wasting any single moment, let’s dig straight into the best dishwasher reviews.

Edge Star BIDW1802BL
Frigidaire FFCD2418UB

If you would like to review all 7 Best Dishwasher within the range of $400 to $500, please view the table below in this post.

Due to the huge numbers and brands of Dishwashers under $500, we have separated them as below under $400 and $300 as well. After reviewing these articles, you can buy the best dishwasher meeting your requirements and budget.

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Best Dishwasher under 400 – Reviews and Buying Guide

7 Best Dishwasher range b/w $400 – $500

Brand  Type Model Size (Inches) Price
Handiy Countertop GQJKAT 17.71×15.75×17.32 Check Price
GE Built-in GSD2100VWW 25 x 24 x 34 Check Price
KUPPET Countertop 1020700800 23.4×19.5×24.6 Check Price
EdgeStar Built-in BIDW1802BL 17.6×22.4×32.5 Check Price
Frigidaire Built-in FFID2426TS 25 x 24 x 34.25 Check Price
Energy Star Built-in SD-9254SS 17.6×22.6×32.4 Check Price
Frigidaire Built-in FFCD2418UB 24×25×35.25 Check Price

1: Handiy Compact – Countertop Dishwasher

01-Compact Countertop Dishwasher

Never feel like doing dishes? This dishwasher will fix all your problems.

3D Spray

The dishwasher comes with a 360-degree scouring cleaning, double rotation three-dimensional spray having a strong water flow.

What’s the exciting part? It efficiently cleans large and rigid oil. It offers robust power with exceptional control of the washing angle.

Washing modes

It comes with specifically designed six refined washing modes making it convenient for different people of the family.  The dishes come out squeaky clean, as the dishwasher is highly professional.

The dishwasher has 45*40*44 sizes serving with extraordinarily compact and smooth dimensions.

This dishwasher will serve its purpose anywhere you take it and require minimal capacity. It also works in spaces where the water connection is not permanent.


It comes with a microcomputer one-button start facility, which makes it super easy to operate. You have to stack the dishes in the dish basket and cutlery rack. This dishwasher will do the rest on one tap.

  • It is ultra-portable.
  • It is quiet.
  • The construction is durable.
  • It is appropriate for both office and home use.
  • It can remove the tough stains.
  • It can’t wash paste pots.


Get your hands on the easy to use product that embeds multiple handy features, making a breeze to use in daily life.

2: GE GSD2100VWW – 24″ Built in Dishwasher

02-GE GSD2100VWW Built-In 24-Inch Dishwasher

The GE GSD2100VWW is a perfect dishwasher. You can wash any utensils without the fear of damaging them.

Place Settings

The dishwasher features 12 place settings, which means you have plenty of capacity to load dishes of various sizes with ease and convenience. It washes the dishes in 5 wash cycles and two options to choose from what best fits your dish load.

It holds an electric control panel, which makes it easy for you to select the cycle.

Noise Level (dBA)

The dishwasher motor runs on 64 dBA, which is the sound level of a normal verbal conversation. It works quietly without disturbing it with a loud noise.

It works promptly, washing loads of dishes or a load of glassware.

It features a two-stage filtration process of water with an extra-fine filter, which keeps the water pure.

Hot Start

The dishes and cutlery come out stainless and neat. It comes with a Hot Start option providing optimal temperature for reliable performance.

Food Disposer

The GE GSD2100VWW dishwasher features a Piranha hard food disposer, which crushes the big food particles. This prevents the food from clogging.


The cycle progress indicator dial on the dishwasher keeps you updated about the washing cycle.

  • It has an attractive look with a white finish.
  • There’s no need to pre-wash.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It is not very expensive.
  • It has a removable upper rack and silverware basket.
  • It is finger-print resistant.
  • Heavy pots can be washed.
  • It lacks a bottle wash feature.
  • It doesn’t have a steam option.


If you want a quick, promising, and a quiet dishwasher then nothing beats the best ge dishwasher in terms of everything.

3: KUPPET Built in – Dishwasher with LED Display

03-KUPPET Built-in Dishwasher

Kuppet built-in and countertop dishwasher are one of a kind. It is committed to delivering the best results.

Place Settings

The dishwasher measures 23.4×19.5×24.6 inches providing a packed design that doesn’t require a lot of space. It offers an eight place setting capacity, which is ideal for serving bowls, glass bowls, cups, small plates, dinner plates, spoons & forks, and knives.

Digital Display

It has electronic controls with a digital display presenting simple selection options with just one touch. Kuppet’s built-in dishwasher features four washing programs; Standard Cleaning, Quick Cleaning, Eco Cleaning, and Heavy Cleaning. You can switch between different programs with just one tap!

Lock-key Button

The countertop dishwasher comes with a lock-key button, which enables child lock and protects the children. It holds dual-action spray arms that help in dispensing spot-free, fresh dishes.

The black stainless steel body imparts a stylish and contemporary look with a beautiful finish.

The dishwasher comes along with a few accessories like screws, water inlet pipe, water outlet pipe, and cables.

These accessories are precisely equipped in the dishwasher, adding to your comfort. The dish rack slides, making it easy to load and unload dishes.

  • It has a removable basket.
  • It has multiple washing programs.
  • It has an optical glass window.
  • It holds a quick connect assembly.
  • You might need to modify certain cabinets due to their unconventional dimensions.


If you need a value-packed dishwasher that can make your life easy to live then the impressive features have won your heart.

4: EdgeStar BIDW1802BL – Built-In Dishwasher

04-EdgeStar BIDW1802BL

EdgeStar BIDW1802BL is a reliable and desirable dishwasher from one of the best brands out there.

Place Settings

The dishwasher has an eight place setting, which is first-rate for the cleaning of dishes. It can clean every type of stains, either oily or tough.

Cycle Options

It meets all your dishwashing needs with its six cycle options, including heavy, heated, eco, dry, light, and rinses.


The size of the built-in dishwasher is reasonable enough to fit any corner. It looks sleek and modern, having two finish options like white or stainless steel.

It comes with a control panel, including light indicators, and a sound at the end of every cycle gives surety.

Slip Racks

The dishwasher comes with two slip-out racks allowing you to load dishes without being choked. The bottom shelf is for silverware, and the top-shelf has a rack for cups. It features a leakage sensor that prevents the water from overflowing.

  • The indicators make it very convenient.
  • It runs quietly.
  • It’sIt’s ideal for smaller spaces.
  • The water flow automatically shuts off when leakage is detected.
  • The heated dry cycle isn’t very efficient.
  • It requires a manual shut down after the completion of the cycle.


Brand is enough to trust the versatility of the dishwasher. The place settings with an indicator are some of the highlights of EdgeStar.

5: Frigidaire FFID2426TS – Fully Integrated Dishwasher

05-Frigidaire FFID2426TS

Frigidaire FFID2426TS is a basic as well as economical dishwasher. You will love using this one!

Blade Spray System

The dishwasher comes with a 24-inch design with an upgraded Blade spray system. The spray capability is more efficient and removes stains from the entire load even at full capacity.

Food Disposer

It features a hard food disposer, which means you don’t have to worry about pre-washing your dishes.

The additional polymer filter inside the dishwasher prevents choking, and the dishes stay dirt less. It comes with two nylon racks with 14 place settings for a variety of items.

The upper cup shelves can carry sets of glasses and stemware.

Wash Cycles

It offers four cycles and additional washing options. The Frigidaire dish sense technology allows for automatic adjustments according to the stains on each load.

The hot rinse feature sanitizes the dishes and protects them from food bacteria.


The heated drying system of the dishwasher is noise and fan free. It comes with touch controls on the top and light indicators for easy operation.

  • It is ultra-quiet, ensuring a soft run.
  • It has a top rack wash option.
  • It has better coverage.
  • It offers a decent capacity.
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • It is not portable.
  • It doesn’t have a quick cycle.
  • The filter is difficult to clean.


Stay easy on the pockets with the best dishwasher under 500 that is compared to the best in the market.

6: Energy Star SD 9254SS – Smart Dishwasher

Let’s be honest, juggling work, family commitments, and taking care of the household needs is not the easiest. It takes time and effort. But worry not because the sunpentown SD-9254SS smart dishwasher is there to save the day.

The sunpentown SD-9254SS dishwasher has a sleek frame with a stainless steel tub. It is 18 inches tall and helps wash your vessels in no time (without breaking them). It is cost-efficient and offers a ton of unique features.

It has a time delay option that allows you to set the washing time for later.

Washing Programs

You can wash your dishes using 6 washing programs, including normal, heavy, energy, glass, quick, and rinse options.


It has two pull-out dishwashing racks, including upper and lower racks, so you can conveniently fit your dishes without breaking them.

Heating Function

Got a bundle of dishes and worrying about the fuss created? The heating function with a dryer effortlessly does the wonders.

Thanks to the eight place settings capacity that can fill up to more than 90 vessels.

The best part? An error alarm shows fault codes, so if there are any heater or temperature issues, you can easily fix them.

Spray Arms

It has dual spray arms to thoroughly clean your dishes and provides better cleaning coverage.

It has a silverware dishwasher basket to hold your silver-plated flatware without discoloring or tarnishing them.

Automatic Dispenser

Lastly, It has an automatic dispenser that releases an accurate amount of detergent required and a rinse aid dispenser to reduce the surface tension of the water.

  • Stainless steel body and tub.
  • Compact, takes minimal space.
  • Easy to install.
  • Rinse aid indicator for refill reminders.
  • Works efficiently and quietly.
  • Not enough capacity for larger dishes.


All in All, the sunpentown SD-9254SS is a durable dishwasher with its stainless steel body. It is an energy star certified that ensures high-quality performance.

It is budget-friendly and perfectly cleans your dishes with its two spray arms a perfect choice for small apartments and kitchens.

7: Frigidaire FFCD2418UB – Built in Dishwasher

07-Frigidaire FFCD2418UB 24

Most of the time, when the guests leave, there is an avalanche of dishes and cleaning them takes a lot of time, but the Frigidaire FFCD2418UB dishwasher has a solution for that. It not only helps clean the dishes but saves water too.


The Frigidaire FFCD2418UB dishwasher has a lean frame but is capable enough to fit various plates and utensils. This dishwasher is energy star certified. It is lightweight and packed with amazing features.

Spray Arms

Interestingly, itt has triple spray arms that perfectly clean the dishes and provides a wide cleaning coverage.

What’s more? It supports a heated drying system that thoroughly dries the dishes without leaving a drop of water behind.


Another cool feature is a cycle indicator light that starts flashing if there is some fault or if the drain pump stops working.

It has a filtration system that removes food residues and leaves your dishes sparkling clean.

Place Settings

The 14 place setting capacity that cleans a mountain of dishes and plates in one cycle.

This dishwasher is NSF and energy star certified, which means it meets the standard of public health protection and keeps your dishes household bacteria-free. Energy star certification ensures quality and powerful performance.

  • Works efficiently.
  • Various cleaning cycles.
  • Time delay function.
  • Multiple-racks and a silverware basket.
  • Durable nylon-coated racks.
  • The Polymer tub may not last long.

The dishwasher makes loud noise during the washing cycle


The Frigidaire FFCD2418UB is an affordable dishwasher and ideal for families. It works smoothly and offers perfectly clean dishes and utensils. It is user-friendly and easy to install.

All in all, it is NSF and energy star certified that ensures quality performance and bacteria-free vessels.

Buying Guide – Best Dishwasher under 500

There are a few things you should look for before purchasing a dishwasher, such as:

Buying Guide – Best Dishwasher under 500

Adjustable Racks

When purchasing a dishwasher, make sure to look for the one with upper and lower racks to conveniently fit larger dishes. A cutlery holder to keep them organized, a glassware rack to avoid breaking them, and a silverware basket to keep silver-plated dishes separate (avoid tarnishing).

Delay Start Function

The delay start function allows you to set the washing time for later. You can always set it when leaving for work (or maybe an event) and come back home to perfectly washed dishes.

Automatic Wash Cycle

The automatic wash cycle is used to detect the level of dirt and the amount of cleaning your dishes require. It works by using extremely hot water to thoroughly clean the dishes.

The temperature varies depending on how solid or lights the dishes are. However, it usually ranges from 45 degrees Celsius to 65 degrees Celsius. Automatic wash cycles not only perfectly clean the dishes but kill the household germs too.

Eco or Energy-Save Mode

Eco wash claims to use less amount of energy and water. Eco wash is basically a program that uses lower washing and rinsing temperature and requires a minimal amount of water, thus saving energy and water in the process while still providing perfectly washed dishes.

Hard Food Disposal Function

The hard food disposal function provides convenience by automatically rinsing your dishes and removing food residue or scrapes off of them, so you would not have to do it manually.

Washing Cycles

The washing cycles are the most important dishwashing elements. Some of the main washing cycles are a light wash, normal wash, heavy wash (for pans and pots), and eco mode.

There are some upgraded washing cycles as well (but costly), including glass, rinse, sanitize cycle, and short wash, etc. They offer more convenience and improve washing performance.

Performance Features

The performance of your dishwasher depends on the features it offers, such as:

Quiet Operation: Let’s suppose if you run your dishwasher at night, a quiet operation is beneficial to keep your kitchen peaceful.

Spray Arms: The number of spray arms and where they are located play a major role in cleaning the dishes perfectly. The more spray arms your dishwasher has, the cleaner the dishes.

Rinse Aid Dispensers: The rinse aid dispenser is important to improve the performance of drying cycles. It also reduces the surface tension of water and prevents streaks or marks on the dishes.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Q: Are the dishwashers necessary?

The dishwashers provide more convenience by saving you the time and hassle of hand washing the dishes. Dishwashers thoroughly clean the dishes and provide more hygiene than manually washed dishes.

Q: Should I run my dishwasher every day?

There is no hard and fast rule to run the dishwasher, and it is totally up to you; however, it is recommended to run the dishwasher once it is full to save water, energy and to keep the motors working smoothly.

Q: Do dishwashers clean well and kill all the germs?

Dishwashers proficiently clean the dishes through their spray arms, which provide more cleaning coverage. As the dishwashers use warm water to wash the vessels, it leaves no food residue or dirt behind.

If your dishwasher is National sanitation foundation (NSF) certified and has a sanitizing wash cycle, that means it kills about 99.9 % bacteria and harmful germs. However, there is no actual proof of non-certified dishwashers killing the germs/bacteria.

Q: What is the sanitize cycle on a dishwasher?

The sanitize cycle is when the dishwasher takes a longer wash time and uses extremely hot water to kill the germs and 99.9 % of household bacteria.

Q: What should I look for when purchasing a dishwasher?

There are a few things you should look for when purchasing a dishwasher, such as:

  • The size of the dishwasher (compact or standard)
  • The number of washing cycles
  • The types of dishwasher (built-in, countertop, or portable)
  • Different types of racks including utensils rack, drinkware rack, and a separate basket for silverware (to avoid tarnishing)
  • The overall performance and features

Final Verdict:

We understand that buying a best dishwasher under 500 could be an ordeal, when you have oodles of categories and features to look for. But, what else do you need, when you have our expert opinion. So, take the advantage and get ready for cleaning the dishes.

This was our list of the best dishwashers on the budget. But before you head down and get yourself a performance-driven dishwasher, make sure to consult a professional for adjust ability. As most of the dishwashers nowadays come with complicated user manuals.

So, what are you waiting for? Avail of these best dishwasher deals and get ready for a new cleaning journey!

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